"Standing Firm While Seaking Peace"

I think it’s safe to say by now that no one could have imagined the entire world still struggling through the “Coronapocalypse ”, or the current pandemic, as it were...

Lady T
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"Say Her Name"

I walk outside and my smile falters. My heart races. I look over my shoulder; there’s no sun today. I needed the warmth of the sun. It’s the energizing force that my dark skin craves.

Johanna D. James

Interview with

Nicole Canegata

We sat down with Photographer, Nicole Canegata, to talk about her work, who her influences are, and what inspires her.

Ivan Edgardo

Interview with

Chalana Brown

We sat down with Photographer, Chalana Brown, to talk about her work, how her culture has influenced her work, and what inspires her.

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Ivan Edgardo

"Echoes of an
Unknown Sacrifice"

As we approach the 10th anniversary of the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT), there are a generation of service members who have never served under this policy. In true divine timing, they should consider themselves lucky as they will never have to live under the fear that those who served before them endured.

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Michael Tolbert

Interview with Artist
Delisha Adams

We sat down with Delisha Adams, a mixed medium artist from rural Thomasville, GA, to talk about her art, who her influences are, and what inspires her.

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Ivan Edgardo
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The Origins of HöN – From concept to realization!

Welcome one and all to HöN!  I am beyond excited to introduce cyberspace to a place, space, and forum of love, acceptance, collaboration, and cultural REAL-ness across several...

Lady T

"Joy as Resistance"

Showing up as happy is a form of resistance. Don’t get me wrong, the events of the last few days, never mind that, the events of the last few years; starting with the first time I was called “nigger” have terrified me.

Johanna D. James


Voices everywhere



I hear Mothers cries

Fathers screaming why?

The visuals of children’s tears...

R Grier / GennaLady

Interview with
Sydney Shanholtzer

Sydney Shanholtzer is a 20-year-old reclusive artist who loves creating original characters, consuming Japanese media, and listening to heavy metal music. She lives in Southern Maryland with her mom, sister, and two dogs.

Ivan Edgardo

HöN Summer 2020 Beauty

Our Beauty Editor, Bryan Lottes, shares this summer's hottest beauty picks. This list is sure to please.

Bryan Lottes

Interview with

Rick Stockwell

We sat down with Photographer, Rick Stockwell, to learn more about his photography style and a little about what makes him “click.”

Ivan Edgardo

Masculinty in its
Various Stages

This series is a collection of bold men pushing past their introvert nature. Serving every side of mystery, shyness, and outright boldness.  Taking those three aspects and interpreting them into something sexy and masculine.

Christopher Kelly

"COVID-19 Coping Mechanisms"

By now, I am sure you have read a bajillion articles about all the things you should be doing, could be doing better, are doing wrong, or could do if you paid to do it, as it relates to navigating...

Lady T

Honey Monday Moods

When I was asked to create artwork for HAUS of NAVI, my immediate reaction was excitement, which was quickly followed up with dread of the pressure of making illustrations for a publication for the very first time. All in all, I am pleased with how my pieces turned out...

Sydney Shanholtzer

Black Girl Magic

We sat down with Fashion Designer, Mika Gary, to learn more about her career and her inspirations.

Ivan Diaz Bass

Standing at the intersection of Race & Sexual Identity

Everyday life has become even more dangerous in this day and age. Even so, the fear of discrimination at the hands of law enforcement remains a constant for many African Americans.

Michael Tolbert

So, All Lives Matter?

“I am not doing anything wrong.

I do not have anything on me.

I do not have to talk to you.

I do not want to talk to you.

Angelica Diaz