Frequently asked questions


1. Has registration started and when does it end?

Answer: It’s ongoing.

2.Does your school have pre-school?

Answer: Yes, your child is required to be potty-trained.

3. What levels or classes do you offer?


Reception : 4 years old

Year 1-10 : 5 years old – 15 years old

Year 11 : 15 years old, conditions apply for entry into Year 11.

4. What are the enrolment ages?

Answer: 4-16 years old.

5. Do you have boarding facilities?

Answer: Not as yet. You may request for it as the school currently collating requests.

6. Does the school provide transport?

Answer: No, but we will give you a list of transporters.

7. Do you have Day care?

Answer: Yes, we do.

8. What time are the schooling hours like?

Answer: MONDAY-THURSDAY Starts at 7.30am and the dismissal is at 3.30pm

FRIDAY: Starts at 7.30am and dismissal is at 12.09Noon

9. Which part of Shah Alam is your school at?

Answer: Bukit Jelutong.

10. Is the school recognized by MOE?

Answer: Yes, our school is registered with the MOE.

11. Do you have non-Muslim students and teachers?

Answer: There are a number of non-Muslim teachers and the schools are open to non- Muslim students

School Curriculum

1. Do you offer government exams?

Answer: No.

2. Does your school teach the national curriculum?

Answer: No.

3. Do you offer online classes during MCO?

Answer: Yes.

4. Are the Islamic studies subject taught in English?

Answer: Yes.

5. Is Islamic studies taught in your school same as that taught by JAIS?

Answer: Yes, and we teach in English.

6. Which month do your IGCSE students take the exams?

Answer: May-June.

7. How many students and teachers are there in your school?

Answer: We have around 30 teachers and 300 students.

8. What is the average class size?

Answer: A maximum of 24 students in a class. However, with the MCO, there are 12-20 students per class, depending on the class size.

9. Do you have non-Muslim students and teachers?

Answer: Yes

10. How do you rate the performance of the IGCSE students?

Answer: Excellent to very good on an average.

11. Is the IGCSE applicable to local universities/higher learning?

Answer: All universities and colleges worldwide accept the IGCSE. However, in Malaysia, the government universities are yet to accept the IGCSE for local students.

12. Will my child struggle if he/she joins the second term and has missed the first term?

Answer: We normally place your child in a class he is comfortable with. However, if tuition is required for him/her to catch up, the Admission officer will advise you.

13. Does your school accept special needs students?

Answer: Yes, for those with dyslexia. We do not have the facilities or teachers to accept ADHD or Autistically challenged children

14. How will I communicate with my child’s teacher to keep up with his/her progress?

Answer: Via the ClassDojo.

15 Are there exams and a grading system?

Answer: Yes, twice a year.


1. How much are the fees?

Answer: Attached fee is the schedule.

2. Do you offer discounts?

Answer: No.

3. Does your school collect fees on yearly, termly or monthly basis?

Answer: Fees are to be paid yearly basis. You may discuss a payment plan with the Admissions, if you need to do so.

4. Are meals, books and uniforms part of the school fees?

Answer: No.

5. Can we purchase the books and uniforms at school?

Answer: Yes, if we have the stocks. If not, we will give you a list of bookstores you can go to.

7. What are the methods of payment?

Answer: Online transfer and credit card via our payment portal, SYNC.