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Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Voices everywhere



I hear Mothers cries

Fathers screaming why?

The visuals of children’s tears

Black Red and Yellow men everywhere in fear

Not knowing who is next

What direction to go feeling perplexed

Bullets flying; Young men dying

Rocks being thrown; men falling down bleeding on the ground

Who are the protectors of us all?

Behind the badge he stands alone

Hands up!

Then he falls to the ground

His blood become one with his last surroundings

Who can we trust after this last call?

Do we kneel to pray, or to take a man’s life away?

The badge represents justice

With the same badge there is an injustice

Who can we trust?

No longer the Police Force

The badge has become a double edge sword

The Badge smiles then brings discord

Who can we trust?

The badge has become a weapon of distrust

We have to come back from here

Somehow get the people to trust and not live in fear

It has to start with the Badge that stands true

Help the people understand we have trust issues too

We took this oath

The streets have their own justice without an oath

We have to get back to a place of trust

Before we all fall to the hands of the oppressors thrust...

Black! Lives! Matter!

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