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"The Origins of HöN - from concept to realization"

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Welcome one and all to HöN! I am beyond excited to introduce cyberspace to a place, space, and forum of love, acceptance, collaboration, and cultural REALness across several facets of life, culture and even some serious topics from time to time, such as our current COVID-19 situation, which has captivated and forever changed the global landscape.

But first: the origins of fierceness. HöN, the publication segment of the HAUS of NAVI brand, is the brainchild of one of my nearest and dearest friends, Ivan Diaz Bass. Ivan himself is the son of an entrepreneurial legend, so making moves and taking calculated risks is practically embedded in his DNA. It is that incomparable force of ingenuity, tenacity and resilience that transported Ivan from our hometown of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands to the world, mostly via his illustrious Navy career. Chief among Ivan’s incredible achievements and unforgettable experiences included marrying his forever fave and endless love Clay (who is a SAINT, and really tolerates so much more of our collective island people shenanigans than most other mere mortals would or could), and their beautiful firstborn baby girl Abigail.

Fast forward to the brand initiation, HAUS of NAVI: a chic, fresh, fierce line of trends, must haves, and amazing accessories for the fashion enthusiast on a budget. This line was created to super-serve an underserved niche, joyfully blending cultural flair with modern touches and smooth clean color schemes; it is a wonderful compendium of all the facets of Ivan’s life and the many crazing amazing moving parts and people which comprise this big, bold wonderful world of color, candor, and creativity.

Today, HöN will continue the baseline concept of the brand, but move forward with a publication that will pull all those parts together and tell the stories and valued perspectives of those whose voices may not be heard otherwise. HöN has ARRIVED dahlings! It is time! Join us on the journey through life and all of its good, bad, awkward, funny, messy, and meaningful moments!

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